Clove is basically considered as spice but still it doesn’t make it less advantageous than any other herb. Great benefits of using clove can be witnessed even from the pages of history.

From thousands of years, clove has been used for its medicinal properties by Chinese and Indians. Though it is Maluku Island of Indonesia’s native but now it is grown all across the world as commercial crop.

It is also find in many Asian cuisines because of its rich taste and great health benefits. Some of them are given below:

Chives Benefits on Health

Chives don't seem like onions but actually they are part of its smallest member of genus named ‘Allium’.

It shouldn't be underestimated from its size as it has great benefits on human's health. In many places of the world including Europe, few parts of Asia and North America; it is used commonly but now it is also used in other parts as well in culinary dishes.

It's used as medicinal herb can be witnessed from times of Romans and even way before them. The properties which make it so remarkable are given as follows:


Since many years, the use of herb name ‘Sage’ can be witnessed in the chapters of history. This herb has many beneficial properties which even made ancient Egyptains use it as a drug of fertility.

Its benefits didn’t even stopped from impressing Dioscorides, Greek physician from first century C.E. In his work, he mentioned that infusing sage with water helps in stopping the blood of wounds and provide ease from sores and ulcers.

These are just few things which were mentioned by the physician but there are many more which will impress you as well.

Use of Black Pepper to Treat Health Problems

Black pepper is used as both spice and medicine. Since ages, black pepper happens to be the most traded spice. It not just used to enhance the flavor of any meal but the great benefits it provides to health which makes it more commonly used spice.

Black pepper belongs from “Piperaceae” family. It’s not a seasonal plant which makes it available throughout year.

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Great for Stomach


Fresh Coriander

Coriander is used all around the world as garnish in meals. But usually people take it only as garnish and put it on side from their meal because they are unaware of its benefits.Coriander happens to be a great source of iron, magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, calcium, folic acid and potassium.Coriander in form of leaves is used as herb while in form of seeds it is used as spice in subcontinent.Some remarkable advantages coriander provides to body are as follows:Feeling sluggish? Struggling to get through the day? Running on caffeine?

Mint- Common Yet Beneficial Herb

From hundreds of years, mint has been in use to treat humans by being a medicinal herb. It is present in great varieties and has many spices.Many products in markets such as tooth paste, candies, mouth or breath fresheners etc. have mint in it.

Fennel- A Source of Relieve

Fennel is in used from many ages for both medicinal and culinary purposes.

The Great Advantages of Basil on Health and Body

Basil is a leafy herb plant which belongs to a family of ‘Mint’ and is also known by the name of “Holy Herb” in India.In the treatment of skin and health related problems like of blemish skin, cancer, sore throat and healing of wounds, usage of basil can be witnessed for great results.Some great benefits of basil are written below:Benefits of Basil on Health·         To treat sore throat, leaves of basil can provide great relieve. Boiling its leaves and using that water for gargling can show some satisfying results.·         Basil can also prevent cancer.


Cinnamon, a tree trunk looking herb is the said to be filled with remarkable qualities. It is used to treat many health related problems like Alzheimer, stomach flu, diabetes, toenail fungus, cancer and Parkinson’s disease etc.

Cinnamon is basically obtained from inner trunk of many trees for its sweet and spicy taste.   It gives delicious aroma and taste to food, also some greater benefits to health and some of them are written below:

Benefits of Eating Cinnamon


Thyme, a member of mint family is present in great varieties. This native Mediterranean herb is used in aromatherapy and has great effects on health.  But it should be used with care and after taking advice from herbalist.

The use of thyme can help in aiding many health problems. Some of the great health benefits of thyme are given below:


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